Home Phone Calling Features

We offer a great set of Calling Features that will make your life easier. Choose from the list below to complete your Blue Casa Home Phone Service package.

Call Waiting with ID$4.99/mo

Alerts you with a “beep” to another call while you are on the phone. Call Waiting lets you put one call on hold while you answer a second one, then alternate between the two. Call Waiting alerts you to a second incoming call when you are on the phone. You will hear a Call Waiting tone during a call, and the person calling will hear normal ringing until you answer.


Answers your calls when you’re away, on the phone, on the Internet, or unavailable to take calls. Privately check your messages from anywhere when it's convenient for you. Voicemail is available with Spanish prompts and with email playback.

Call Forwarding$3.99/mo

Forward all incoming calls to another telephone number so you don’t miss those important calls. Call Forwarding permits you to automatically forward all incoming calls to another telephone number (local or long distance).

Busy/No Answer Call Forwarding$5.99/mo

Automatically forwards all calls to a pre-selected number if your home phone is “busy” or you “don’t answer.”

Busy Call Forwarding$3.99/mo

Automatically forwards calls to another, pre-selected telephone number when the called telephone number is busy.

No Answer Call Forwarding$2.99/mo

Automatically forwards all calls to another, pre-selected telephone number when the called number “doesn’t answer.”

Select Call Forwarding $2.99/mo

Automatically forwards calls from up to ten selected numbers to a phone number of your choice. Select Call Forwarding lets you decide which calls you would like to receive or forward. Transfer only the calls from the numbers you select, while letting the rest ring through to your home phone number.

Remote Access Call Forwarding$2.99/mo

Turn on your Call Forwarding when away from your home phone. When away from home, activate Call Forwarding and have calls directed to where you can be reached.

Speed Dial$3.99/mo

1 digit dialing codes from all the phones in your household. Speed Dialing allows you to create a list of up to eight phone numbers that can be called from any phone in your house using a one-digit code. No more searching for address books.

*69 Call Return$4.99/mo

Allows you to return a call to the last incoming call, whether or not it was answered. *69 Call Return will automatically store and allow you to redial the number of the last person who called you.

*66 Auto Busy Redial$4.99/mo

Rechecks a busy line so you don’t have to and notifies you when the call can be completed. *66 Auto Busy Redial permits you to have calls automatically redialed when the first attempt reaches a busy signal. The line is checked every 45 seconds for up to 30 minutes, and alerts you with a distinctive ringing pattern when the busy number and your line is free.

900/976 BlockingFREE

Prevents calls to pay-per-use destinations that utilize 900 or 976 numbers. Free feature if ordered.

Anonymous Call Rejection$3.99/mo

Lets you automatically reject calls from callers who have blocked the display of their telephone numbers from Caller ID devices. Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to block calls when the incoming number is blocked from Caller ID. Blocked callers hear a message that instructs them to hang up, remove their blocking and call again. This feature is included with Caller ID.

Call Screen$3.99/mo

Stops incoming calls from a list of up to 10 telephone numbers you create. Call Screen allows you to automatically block incoming calls from up to ten pre-selected telephone numbers. The list of numbers can be changed at any time. Callers whose numbers have been blocked hear a recorded message, and no usage charges apply (to those callers). The calling party's number is not delivered to the call recipient.

Caller ID Blocking – Complete$2.99/mo

Prevents the sending of your phone number on all calls you make to people with caller ID devices. Complete Blocking allows you to prevent your name and number from appearing on Caller ID display units for each outgoing call. With Complete Blocking, your call is identified as "Private" or "Anonymous" on Caller ID display units. In addition, people who call you will not be able to use *69 to call you back.

Caller ID Blocking – Selective$2.99/mo

Selectively blocks your number from being transmitted on any outgoing call simply by pressing *67 before dialing the number. Standard feature with phone line.

Do Not Disturb$2.99/mo

Allows only 12 important calls to ring while this feature is activated. Other callers will get an announcement saying you’re not accepting calls at this time. Do Not Disturb lets you receive incoming calls only from people you want to talk to, as specified on a Do Not Disturb screening list you create. When Do Not Disturb is turned on, all callers who are not on your list will hear a recording saying you are not presently accepting calls.

Call Trace – Law Enforcement$3.99/mo

Allows you to dial a code to automatically request that identifying information be recorded for harassing calls. Once activated, the following information can be recorded on an annoyance call - A caller's phone number, the date and time of the call, and the date and time you initiated the trace.

Caller ID$3.99/mo

Lets you see the name and number of the person calling you on a small display unit or display phone.

Distinctive Ring$5.99/mo

Great for busy households and less expensive than adding a second phone line. Distinctive Ring allows you to put two numbers on a single telephone line, eliminating the need to pay for separate lines. The ringing pattern for each number is different, so you will always know which number has been called.

Priority Call$2.99/mo

Offers distinctive ringing pattern for calls on your Priority Call list. Priority Call differentiates incoming calls from up to ten pre-selected telephone numbers, by signaling you with a distinctive ring pattern (short, long, short). Calls not from selected numbers will be received with a standard ring.

Three Way Calling$4.99/mo

Adds a third person to your phone conversation, whenever you want. Great for families, business and saving time. When the third party answers, a two-way conversation can be held before adding the original party for a three-way conference.

Directory ListingFREE

Each Blue Casa customer is provided a free listing in the local white pages directory.

Non-Published Listing$1.50/mo

By request, you may have your name, address and telephone number omitted from the Directory White Pages listing and/or Directory Assistance.

Additional Listing$1.75/mo

Allows you to list other members of your household on your main number or list additional telephone numbers separately in your local Directory White Pages. Ideal for families, roommates or inhome businesses.

Directory Assistance$2.99/mo

By dialing 411, you can receive any phone number you need via our Directory Assistance Services. Local Directory Assistance provides assistance in getting published numbers and addresses of customers in your service area. Directory Assistance Call Completion (DACC) automatically completes the call to the number requested from Local Directory Assistance. Blue Casa also offers National Directory Assistance which can provide you with phone numbers from across the U.S. Each service is priced separately.

Inside Wire Maintenance Insurance$4.99/mo

Inside Wire Maintenance Insurance is an optional monthly service that provides repair protection and helps prevent unexpected expenses for the telephone jacks and wires inside your home, where available.

Toll Block$2.99/mo

By request, you can prevent Long Distance calls from your phone line.

Number Referral$2.99/mo

If you move or change your phone number, callers receive a prerecorded message with your new phone number when they dial your former number.